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HVAC Filters...

From rolls, pads, and panel filters to liquid filter bags, and custom sewn products, International Filter provides a complete line of high and low efficiency filters for use in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. We can cross reference our filters to replace any manufacturer's product line. See below for a list of HVAC filters available. If your product needs are not listed here please contact us.

HVAC Filters Available...

  • Disposable Fiberglass
    Panel Filters
  • Polvester Media, Rolls & Pads
  • Hog Hair Media, Rolls & Pads
  • Window Air Conditioner Filters
  • Pleated Panel Filters
  • Panel & Link Filters
  • Automatic Roll Filters
  • Washable Metal Air/Grease Filters
  • Gas Phase Filters
  • Media Type Air Cleaners
    & Replacement Elements
  • Dust Collector Bags
  • Pleated Dust Collector
    Bags & Cartridges
  • Pocket Filters
  • Rigid Cell Filters
  • Ashrae Cartridge Filters
  • Pad Holding Frames
  • Fiberglass Media, Rolls & Pads
  • Foam Media, Rolls & Pads
  • Slip-On Sleeve Rolls
  • Electrostatic Filters
  • Cube Filters
  • Holding Frames & Clips
  • Baffle Grease Filters
  • Spray-Booth Air Make-Up Filters
  • Paint Arrestor Media, Rolls & Pads
  • Liquid Filter Bags
  • Carbon Filters
  • Bag Filter Systems
  • HEPA Filters
  • High Volume HEPA Filters